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Racers know the predicament. Track time is both expensive and hard to find. While training for motorsport is as critical as training for any other athletic specialty, most drivers go several weeks between practice time or events.


We have the perfect solution.


Our state of the art simulator offers the most accurate environment for race preparation. The only true way to learn a circuit or a specific car set up is through seat time. We offer all recognized tracks and vehicles through our academy.


Our experienced team of coaches, engineers, and sport psychologists are able to tease out the last 1/10th of a second in your lap times.

Fast driving Academy


  • Incomparable realism with highly accurate 3 dimensional movement
  • Experience at-limit slip angles and braking feel. This is critical for developing 10/10s driving skills
  • This is not a game console bit of kit. Rather, this highly scientific modeling approach updates the actions and reactions at a rate of 250 instructions per second.
  • While other simulators fail to produce a realistic suspension feel, ours reproduces a dynamic set of movements which are extremely accurate to actual race cars
  • The real-time dynamics adjustments provide 1 to 1 accuracy to the analogue track driving experience. And that is true of each of the user selectable cars.
  • The data set communicates: G forces, road surface/grip qualities, and weight transfer feel.

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